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Metcon (Time)

8 Rounds of:

10 Cal Assault Bike

10 Cal Row

10 DB Partial Cleavage Cutters 45/25s

10 Wall Balls 20/14lb.

Partial Cleavage Cutters Demo:

Doesn’t have to be for time today. Don’t go slow on anything, but walking to your next station is cool today. This is just a fun cardio pump today.

You can do the partial cleavage cutters on the ground or on a bench. Just be sure to SQUEEZE the dumbbells together as you do the movement. Much different feel than a traditional bench.


Pick one:

1.) 100 Russian Twists 35/20Db

2.) 3 Rounds:

1min. of DB Hammer Curls

1min. of DB Skull Crushers

1min. Rest

3.) 3-4 Sets of:

1min. Weighted Plank

1min. Rest