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Deadlift (WEEK 4 OF 4 (DELOAD WEEK))

Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:

20/14 cal Assault Bike

5 Deadlifts at % of 1RM

Round 1: 40%

Round 2: 50%

Round 3: 60%

Round 4: 60%

PLEASE do not go above these percentages as it is the recovery week. The cardio should be the hard part today.

If possible try to use a 30X0 Tempo on the Deadlift. (Just means to take 3sec. to descend each time. Keep sthe reps quality and gives more time under tension.)

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 Front Rack Lunges 95/65

* 5 Wall Balls at the top of each minute until finished. Starting with Wall Balls (20/14lb. ball)

RX+ is

50 reps at 95/65

50 reps at 115/75

I know you want to go fast , but please DON’T hit your knee on the ground too hard. Be cautious! Step back or forward is fine. Left + Right = 2 reps