Monday – At home snow day


Monday – At home snow day

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

It’s up to YOU to make this one hard today!

Every 60sec. complete 1 Round of:

6 Push-Ups

6 Up-Downs

6 Bodyweight Lunges

Repeat for 10min. for beginner

Repeat for 15min. for intermediate

Repeat for 20min. for advanced

Repeat for 30min. if you just like gnarly challenges

Start with 6 reps and then ideally I would like you to figure out how hard you can go. After a few minutes, see if you can 8s… And then 10s… And once you get a number that you know is going to be perfect, just hang there and go for a time period that suits your fitness level.

My recommendation is to pick something that takes between 35-40sec a round.

Up Down Demo:
Score is total reps. Be sure to add the total time that you worked in the comment section. Let’s go guys…….get this one done. Feel freee to share pics and video on your FB and IG and tag us!!! 🙂