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Metcon (Weight)

Every 2min. x 8 Rounds:

10 Toes-To-Bar

1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Full Power Snatch

*Climbing in weight. Start light and build. The TTB should be easy, so if you have to start breaking just cut it to 7.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds:

Min. 1) Max American KB Swings 53/35

Min. 2) Max Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″

Min. 3) Rest

This NEEDS to be an “all out” effort to really hit that stimulus. It’s also going to be a lot harder than you think, so be ready for the pain-cave. Go hard on the first round and figure out what’s possible for you as far as reps go. Try not to fall off too much. Stay within 3-4 reps on each movement.


This is just an optional piece I thought I would add in incase you wanted just a little more today…

400m Farmer Carry with (2) Heavy KBs. Ideally 70/45s. Try not to put them down for as long as possible and no moving faster than a casual walk pace 🙂