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Front Squat and Jerk Complex

17 mins to work up to a moderate to heavy complex of:

2 Front squats + 2 push or split jerks

Each complex equals 1 rep

Do as many sets as time allows for

* Rest 90 seconds between sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

17 mins to get as far as possible

5 rounds

15 snatches 75/55

30 DU

Into …

AMRAP In remaining time…

15 AKB swings53/35

15 sit ups (anchored on kB)

30 DU

* Please do not drop the bar until it is to your waist. This will save the 10 and 15 pound plates from damage. THANK YOU!🙃

Score is rounds and reps completed on the second part only!