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Back Squat (Double Progression Week 4 (Deload))

6-8 Reps

superset with;

12-15 Weighted DB Sit-Ups

Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

Sit-Up Demo:

*DELOAD WEEK (Use 30% less than your heaviest weight you’ve used over the past 3 weeks.)

– I’m sure many of you can just feel that your body needs this right now. There’s only so many weeks you can go with increasing #’s before you need a break. I know many of you will want to ignore this week, but PLEASE don’t. You will feel stronger than ever when we come back next Monday. Trust me!

Metcon (Time)

Go fast or die trying (Time)

Every 5min. x 4 Rounds:

15 Thrusters (95/65)

Run 400m

15 Pull-ups

*Get each round done as fast as possible. This is not just a get it done type of EMOM. You are going to have a lot of rest each time, but I need you to earn it and try to stay within 10-20sec. of each round at the highest intensity possible.

Score is fastest round completed.