CrossFit – Sat, Dec 10


CrossFit – Sat, Dec 10

HV Tribe CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2: Only 1 person works at a time.

Task #1: 300 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)

*Partner 1 must do 3 deadlifts and then hold the top of the deadlift before partner 2 can do wall balls. *Repeat the 3 deadlifts and hold at the top each time you switch. *Weight: 185/135

Immediately into;

Task #2: 200 Pull-Ups

*Partner 1 must power clean the bar off the ground and hold the bar in the front rack while partner 2 does pull-ups. *You can switch whenever you like, but one partner must have that bar in the front rack before the other can do a pull-up. *You do not have to switch when you break. *Weight: 185/135lbs.

Immediately into;

Task #3: 100 Calorie Assault Bike *Partner 1 is on the bike, while partner 2 is holding (185/135lbs.) OVERHEAD position.*The weight must be locked out overhead until your partner can ride the bike. If you drop it, your partner must stop riding. Switch whenever you like here.

Scale for pull-ups today: