Wednesday, July 22nd 2020


Wednesday, July 22nd 2020

HV Tribe CrossFit – CrossFit Compete

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round

2 minutes Row or Bike

25’ Bear Crawl (There is no movement at all at the spine)

5/5 Dead bug (Hold every rep for 3 seconds)

B. Mobility

B1. Soft tissue mobilisation

With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball

45-60 seconds/side

– Glutes

B2. PNF elevated Pigeon stretch

5 repetitions/side

– 5 seconds contraction, pushing against the box with your leg

– 5 seconds stretch, moving your upper body toward the box

C. Specific

3 sets

5/5 Banded Single leg RDL

5 Elevated arch to hollow


A: Metcon (No Measure)

Speed Banded Deadlift

EMOM 12minutes

2 reps @40% + Hard band
Goal: Today is kind of a recovery day. We want you to be as fresh as possible for the max Snatch and Clean of Friday. Keep it light and move with good form.


B: Metcon (Time)

3 rounds

25 GHD Sit-ups

20 Step-ups @ 1x 70/50lbs, 24/20’’
Goal: Fatigue core and legs before next workout.

This workout is going to be challenging for your core. I strongly suggest you focus on your upper body position while you move up on the box. Be careful about bending too much.

Points of performance:

GHD Sit-ups

Smooth reps. Do not rush anything here.


You must be able to go for unbroken sets, at least for the first 2 rounds. Choose your weight accordingly.. You must alternate legs every rep.


C: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time

8 Power Clean @70-75%

20 Box Jumps @24″/20″
Goal: Power conditioning under leg and core fatigue.

If you competed in the last open, the stimulus of this workout is going to be really similar to 20.3. The only difference is that you will move a little faster because the weight doesn’t increase round after round.

Points of performance:

Power Clean

Stick to the %. Your goal is to be able to move with consistency.

Box Jump

Try to land on the box with a good form: no rounded back, no knee collapsing and flat foot on the box.


D: Metcon (Weight)

Sled drag

1x 400m @heavy for walking
Goal: Post chain conditioning/endurance

Points of performance:

– Must be done in a continuous mouvement.

– Choose a weight so there is a small continuous burn in your lower body.

Post Chain

E: Metcon (No Measure)

Reverse hypers

3 x 12reps
Goal: Lower back decompression

With the weightlifting, workout and the sled today, you may feel a tight lower back because your spine has been compressed. Doing this exercise should help to traction out the spine.