Saturday Teamwork


Saturday Teamwork

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Metcon (Time)

In Teams of 2…

30 Rounds (15 Each)

“I go, you go style”

6 Cal Assault Bike

6 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)

6 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35)

6 Toes-To-Bar

You must complete a full round before your partner goes.

RX+ 30/20lb. Ball

Time CAP: 35min.

This should take 30-35min. to finish, BUT if your team is super fast, then maybe just run it all the way to 35min for max rounds? Get a little extra work in and see how many rounds you can get.

**If this for any reason takes you LONGER than a minute per round (each), consider dropping the reps to 4 or 5.