Monday, July 6th 2020


Monday, July 6th 2020

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

EMOM x 3 @increasing intensity + nose breathing

-10/8 Cal Machine/30 Mountain climbers

-30 Single unders

B. Specific At Gym

1-2 sets

5 Banded empty bar back squats (around the knees)


5 Bulgarian split squats/leg

5 Jump Squats

B. Specific At Home

2 sets

-30s/side couch stretch

-30s Squat hold

-30s Wall Balls / Jumping air squats


A: Back Squat (9 sets from 75-95%)

sets x reps @ %

E(2)MOM x 9 sets

3 x 3 @75-80-85

3 x 2 @80-85-90

3 x 1 @85-90-95

Time allotted: 18mins



E(2)MOM x 9 sets

5 Loaded tempo squats @

10 Speed air squats

Athlete: Goal is time on tension then fast reps with no weight. This can also work without load at all.

Load options:

DB’s, KB’s, Object


B: Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

E(4)MOM x 4

20/16 Cal Row


2 rounds

6 Strict HSPU

10 DB Snatch @50/35lbs*

*DB snatches all on one arm on round one then switch sides for round 2.

Time allotted: 16mins


20/16 Cal Machine/400m Run

20 KB, Object Sumo deadlift high pull

Strict hspu:

Feet elevated piked hspu

Seated strict DB press

Piked hspu

DB snatch:

10/side single leg RDL + reach


Metcon (No Measure)

Posterior Chain

Hip Extensions

3 x 20

At Home

Feet elevated glute bridges

3 x 20