Cleaning Up


Cleaning Up

HV Tribe CrossFit – Masters CrossFit

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400 m run, 500 m row, 5 mins bike

10 good mornings with pvc pipe

10 wall slides

10 air squats – slow count going down

30 sec wall sit

30 shoulder stretch on wall

30 sec pec stretch each arm

30 sec ankle stretch each foot


Pike (forward bend)

walk out to down dog

right foot up to lizard

right foot across to pigeon

back to down dog

left foot up to lizard

left foot across to pigeon

back to down dog

walk hands back to pike

slowly stand


Med Ball Clean Drill

Review alternating dumbbell clean

Review barbell clean

Metcon (Time)


Cleans – bar or med ball, or alternating dumbbell.

Burpees, or burpees to box or bar
Can be power or squat cleans