Nutrition Talk with Coach Allison


Nutrition Talk with Coach Allison

Come Join us for an evening of Nutrition talk with Nutrition Coach Allison, Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 6:30pm.

The basics of Macro Counting and how it can be used for Improved Health and Fitness

Eating habits are the basis of weight loss and muscle gain. Period. End of story. Healthy eating is a different chapter in that book. Counting macros goes beyond just counting calories. They give us a measurable input to really see if we’re eating in a way that provides balanced nutrition for individual goals, whether weight loss, muscle growth or performance. It’s a great way to rethink your meal planning and develop healthy habits that support your lifestyle in the long-term.

Various topics will be covered including….

-The concept of ‘going on a diet’ vs ‘diet’ as a way of eating and a lifestyle
-What is Macro Counting and the basic idea behind food tracking for body composition and health
-How Macro tracking can be applied for various goals beyond weight loss such as strength, training and recovery and general overall health and nutrition
-How meal prep and planning can fit into everyday life and actually make it easier-preparation leads to success
-The basics behind habit creation and their impact on successful change

Allison has always been drawn to nutrition and holistic health and it has been a personal focus for her. She received her PN L1 from Precision Nutrition, one of the few programs that places an equal emphasis on combining current nutrition science AND behavior-change psychology which are each integral parts to true change. She is also currently finishing a degree in Holistic Nutrition from the American School of Natural Health. Her focus is using practical tools incorporated into everyday life to achieve lasting health and lifestyle change.