Calista B

“10 Months ago, I “crutched” along into my beloved HV Tribe CrossFit box, looking to make a change in my life after breaking my ankle during basic training. I was warmly welcomed by Barry and Diane, who were the first people I met at CrossFit. Barry’s sense of humor and his love and passion for HV Tribe CrossFit totally sold me. I’ve been bit by the CrosFit bug ever since! It’s crazy to imagine the person I was then to the person I have grown into. I have improved my endurance, strength, and conditioning so much over this year. I’m in better shape now than I was before I got hurt. CrossFit changed my life. I feel happier, stronger, and faster. I’ve met some of the most amazing people! I “crutched” in broken but left stronger than I have ever been before, empowered and ready to take on basic training and Valley Forge Military College!”

-Calista B. age 19